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News round-up & update on events inside Iran, February 6th & 7th

Posted by Zand-Bon on Feb 6th, 2010 and filed under News, PLANET IRAN NEWS FOCUS, Photos, Video, video gallery. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

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The two hooks in this cartoon are 2’s in Persian; the skewer that Khamenei is on is the word Bahman. The 22nd of Bahman (February 11th) is the next wave.

* *

  • “The people follow us because they are the best people in history, in the   entire history of man no people as good as the Iranian people have populated planet earth…”
  • “This plan [is an economic] reform plan. We must advance all together and we will do so God willing and everyone will see that it is not as they thought…”
  • “If we wanted to eradicate the subsidies, [concerns about the reforms] would have be justified but no one speaks about doing away with the subsidies. That will all return to the people, but will do so in a correct way and will be directed into the pockets of the people for the sake of specific projects or for securing welfare of the people, for the sake of production and export, economic and cultural services…”
  • “In our country, investment has been restricted because one of the greatest restrictions to investment is the issue of subsidies. If one sector manages to attract subsidies other sectors will remain underdeveloped and no one will invest there. Therefore, in the electricity sector demand is higher than supply, but in other sectors there is either no demand or demand can’t be stimulated even with the greatest stimulants…”
  • “We desire to hand out subsidies to everyone with the exception of those who do not volunteer, or are so well off that they do not need subsidies and don’t ask for it. There are indeed eight million people who have not applied for it…”
  • “Those with stable salaries such as laborers, public servants, small shopkeepers, peasants and the like will be covered by support and will certainly receive subsidies and there is no reason for concern…”
  • “Those who misinform the state about their income level have to return the subsidies…”

* Below: Iranian-British activist and analyst Potkin Azarmehr talks to Al Jazeera about the lack of veracity in Ahmadinejad’s rural support base.

* Below: Taxis in Germany adorned with Green ribbons in support of the Iranian people

* * Persian2English reports:

According to a report by Jaras, 90 scholars and progressives in Lebanon have issued a statement expressing their support for the Green Movement.

The statement reads:

They tried so hard to destroy our memory and our cities. But you can see today that we shout for freedom (from oppression)  from Beirut to Tehran  with one voice and one heart.

[We are] the city where Seyed Mohammad Khatami once said, “You should be proud of Beirut, the Mediterranean Bride.”  We, the democratically-minded Lebanese people, announce our support for the the movement of the people of Iran for freedom, democracy, and pluralism.

We listen to Tehran today, we understand its language – the language of freedom. We notice the scars on its proud body. It is from this position that we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the freedom-loving people and the Green Movement of Iran and its political prisoners against the murderers.

We share your sorrow and we seek the same justice of all human beings, no matter what language they speak.

Translation by: Tour Irani

Body building champion Rashid Ghaleh Shahini painted his entire body green in solidarity with the Iranian Green movement, when he participated in the Fajr body building championship of Western Islamabad province in Iran.

An Islamabad blog post reported: “Ghaleh Shahini who has in numerous tournaments, even on the national level, made us proud, appeared in these championships with his impressive body in the green color of the Green movement. The championship organizers, however, refused to let him compete and expelled him from the tournament. He could have easily shined at the championship and was visibly by far the best contender.

This is a continuation of a Green trend in Iranian sports since the green wristbands worn by the Iranian national football team during the world cup qualifying matches led to the ousting of a few famous players of the national team.”

Translation by: Setareh Sabety

Revolution day is a gift that God has given to this nation. It is the gift of independence. It is the gift of freedom. It is the gift of integrity. It is a gift where your destiny is in your own hands. God has given us this gift. We need to savor this gift.

If God forbid we come out [onto the streets] and chant undesired slogans, if we come out and engage in undesired actions, and if we take away from the beauty of the gifts and deface their greatness to the world, I swear to God that each one of us who attempts to do that is responsible in front of God and in front of the martyrs and the Imam [Khomeini] of the martyrs.

Maybe some people chant [undesired] slogans, but dear young people, dear boys and girls of Islam, I am pleading with all of you. If God forbid, some people want to enter your ranks and chant, do not corrupt yourselves by mixing with them. Do not let them be amongst you. The path we are taking, with all its problems, needs to end up with the 12th Imam [to be resurrected]. I am not condoning the problems. I am not trying to defend everything that has been done, not at all! All I am saying is that the path is leading to the 12th Imam! Those who try to disrupt this path are betrayers! That is the point!

I want to say a sentence directed to this side [regime's side]: Dear brothers and sisters, after the disaster that took place on Ashura (December 27, 2009), it was announced on Wednesday [the Wednesday following Ashura] that our dear people headed to the streets [the day that supporters of the regime headed to the streets], and I was there too! There were some slogans chanted there too. Do not chant them! Try to bring unity in this country. Let the message be unified. Many people participate from all walks of life. We need to respect all of them. This is Islam’s call! This is the call of Imam Ali. This is the will of Imam [Khomeini] throughout his honorable life. This is also the suggestion of the honorable leaders of the Revolution!

Hopefully, on February 11th, we will push back on all those who are planning or talking about events to take place on February 11, 2010. I

Iran Press News/Planet Iran

Summary translation by: Tour Irani

* * Below: Video of Basij forces attacking Ghaba Mosque goers in Shiraz, injuring them with rocks and stones.
Shiraz’s Ghaba Mosque has been the scene for several clashes between regime forces and supporters of Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali-Mohammad Dastghayb in the past months.  Ayatollah Dastghayb,  a reformist cleric is also the representative of Shiraz to the Assembly of Experts. He has also publicly criticized the tenth presidential election and the crackdown on its protesters.

In December, his residence and offices were stormed by agents from the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) and a number of the resident clerics were also attacked and injured. Ayatollah Dastghayb has refrained from appearing at the Ghaba Mosque since the rise of these violent attacks and as previously reported in early January the mosque was closed by the regime’s authorities for several weeks.

On Thursday, February 3rd, after a speech by one of Ayatollah Dastghayb’s seminary student, regime plain clothes against began chanting insulting slogans against Ayatollah Dastghayb and the reform movement however worshipers who were present forced the group out of the mosque. The agitators then started throwing rocks at the people in the mosque. The incident continued until 10 p. m. when police finally intervened.

* * and Advar News (the media arm for Advaar’eh Tahkim’eh Vahdat or Office of Fostering Unity which is Iran’s largest student organization) , two independent student websites have been attacked by internet hackers who call themselves the Iranian Cyber Army.  The two sites are amongst the few remaining sites that report from within Iran and are independent from the government. The webmasters and editors of the two sites have been amongst the many targets of government crackdown since June.

Iranian security forces have even accused Amri Kabir Newsletter of having ties to (also known as MEK, MKO, PMOI or National Council of Resistance).

Ten members of the Office of Fostering Unity are currently in prison. Ahmad Zeidabadi, the organization’s general secretary was sentenced to 15 years and the spokesman, to 6 years in prison.

Amir Kabir Newsletter hackers have defaced the site with a green flag and the phrase: “We attack at the Supreme Leader’s command and offer our lives up to him.”

All opposition websites have been targets of government disruptions and filters. As the next wave of the 22nd of Bahman (February 11th) protests approach internet access has also been targeted. ISPs have reported 30 percent decrease in service due to technical difficulties which opposition forces report are a front for the government’s tactic to stop protesters from getting connected.

* * Iranian refugee in prison in Lucerne, Switzerland hangs himself. Swiss regulations dictates that should a refugee’s request for asylum be denied that the refugee can be imprisoned for up to two years. The refugee whose name is still unknown, had not committed a crime but his asylum status had been and therefore accordingly been put in prison; due to unimaginable pressure by not only the Swiss prison system but also the immigration office he committed suicide.

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