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Copy to: ITUC and all international workers organization across the globe/Free Workers Union of Iran’s statement regarding the arrest of Shaysh Amani and the refusal to issue a permit for the May day ceremonies

Posted by Zand-Bon on Oct 31st, 2009 and filed under Labor & Industry, Sections. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

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April 23rd, 2008

Today, the political deputy of the province of Kurdestan announced to the authorities of the Free Workers Union of Iran that there is no way that a permit for the May day ceremonies would be issued to them. At the same time, today Shaysh Amani, one of the founders of the terminated and unemployed workers general union, as well as the president of it’s board of directors, was sent to the central prison in Sanandadj based on a ruling by the appeals court, while appearing in court as a result of the misplacement of his bail.

This type of arrest, without the proper delivery of a summons to his attorney, at the commencement of the month of May is nothing more than an attempt (by the Islamic regime) other than to create fear and strike terror in the hearts of the workers and to prevent them from participating in the May day ceremonies.

May day is our international workers day; this day is a day where workers around the world unanimously and unitedly gather in the streets in cities around the world and and demand their rights from capitalist leadership. This is a tradition that has flourished out of the tireless efforts of workers where capitalism has been forced to bow down to it.

The Free Workers Union of Iran condemns the sudden arrest of Shaysh Amani and the refusal to issue the permit for the May day ceremonies, which is regarded as the absolute right of the workers; at the same time the authorities of the union have announced to the governor’s command office of Sanandadj that they will not give in one bit where organizing these ceremonies are concerned.

This day is the day that belongs to us workers; it is the day where our demands are announced to the capitalist leadership and hardship and cruelty that this regime has forced upon us.

We workers are the creators of all the wealth and blessing in this world and we regard this as our right that the organization of the May day ceremonies and with the turn out of millions, across the globe and especially in Iran, we will protest the utter hardship and inhumanity that has been imposed on us and we have endured.

In this matter, the Free Workers Union of Iran invites all members of the working class in Iran and across the globe to unanimously protest Shaysh Amani’s arrest and condemn the refusal to issue the May day ceremonies in Iran a permit; in the days that remain, leading up to the first of May, our amplified efforts this year will have these ceremonies grander than ever.

Long live May day

Long live workers’ solidarity

Free Workers Union of Iran (terminated and unemployed workers general union)

Translated from Persian to English by Planet Iran staff

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