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Friday Prayer Imam Calls Protesters alcoholic Clowns and go-go girls…execute them.

Posted by Zand-Bon on Jan 4th, 2010 and filed under News, PLANET IRAN NEWS FOCUS, Photos. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Responses are currently closed, but you can trackback from your own site.

*On Ashura Day some alcoholic clowns and go-go girls appeared on the streets.  People are not hungry for a sandwich, execute the protesters.

Ayatollah Imani, Shriaz's Friday prayer leader

January, 2, 2010


Green Way Movement News(Jaras):

Ayatollah Imani, the Friday Pray Imam of Shiraz and the representative of Velayet-é-Fagih (Supreme Leader) in the Fars Province said of the Friday Prayer today(January1, `10):  On Wednesday and Thursday, the people showed how deeply they love the Leader and his Leadership. The demonstrations surprised friends and enemies, and then they said the Iranian people were ready for a sandwich.

According to FarsNews, the Representative of the Fars Province in Experts Council (Khebregan) said: Iranian people are unique in the world and sacrifice everything they have for their ideals, because they have followed the lessons of Imam Hussein and Imam Zaman [12th Imam] and are not like them striving for a sandwich.

He added later: The behavior by some clowns on Ashura was that of non-muslim go-go dancers who are stupid, otherwise they would not throw the ball to the enemy´s ground. These were not Iranians but only go-go girls whose ringleaders gave them alcohol and drugs and sent them to the streets.

These go-go girls, he went on during his preaches, had the mission to put the basic principle of the Supreme Leadership into question and as our Imam(Khomeini) said, these are the dictators confronting the people who want to have Islam.

- Siavash Sartipi

* The word `people` refers to the Imams perception of the general public of Iranians. According to his views, he is referring to pro-regime thinkers as `people.` The figure of speech `sandwich` implies having desires for excess, thus implying that the protesters are un-Islamic since, according to his interpretation of Islam, they want more rather than be satisfied with what they have. When he says the people are not hungry for a sandwich, he means that the people are so in tune with their religion that they don`t need to be hungry for more (the sandwich), but since the protesters are, they are not people, so execute them.

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