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* Home The protest of families in front of the Revolutionary Court- partial list of detainees from Dec 26 and Dec 27

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January 2, 2010


Based on reports received by human rights and democracy activists in Iran, on Monday, January 2nd, more than 100 members of the families of those detained on December 7th, 27th, and 28th went to the Revolutionary Court to inquire about their loved ones. The families also demanded the release of their loved ones.

Today (Saturday), a few agents from the court’s security approached the families and asked them why they had gathered there. The families surrounded the officials and one of the officials asked what they wanted. Upon hearing the demand of the families for the release of their innocent loved ones, one of the officials said, “Then who is responsible for all the damages done to public property and cars set on fire? You have to go and complain to those who have instigated your children to riot.”

The families responded, “Then who is responsible for all the dead and injured? You get your forces to attack people, and on Ashura of all days, then you arrest our children.”

The security said that the police were performing their duties. A mother replied, “Which duty? They beat up my daughter, broke her head, and then they arrested her.”  Another mother said, “Which duty? Running people over with police patrol is performing a duty?”
The court’s security officials were trying to keep their cool, but then suddenly they said, “Didn’t the police say that they would confront any unlawful gathering, and if anybody got arrested, you should not look for them. If you were concerned about your children, you wouldn’t have let them leave the house and riot. Now, go home until the trial day. Anybody who was arrested is guilty and should be punished.”

Upon hearing these words, many parents seemed worried and stressed, but other mothers were comforting them by saying that you know that they are lying. Be strong! They just want to see our surrender. As long as we are together and pursue the cases of our children, they can’t do anything. Some of the parents gathered together and said despite suffering from various diseases such as heart problems, diabetes, chronic pains, they would be showing up in front of the court every day.

The security then kicked some of the families out claiming they were blocking the traffic, clogging the court, and disturbing the peace. The families, however, congregated outside the court and insisted that unless all detainees are released, they would be back every single day.

A new list of the detainees has been published to be sent to human rights organizations.

Here is the name and information of 35 of those who were arrested on December 26th and 27th:

1- Bahram Moosivand-27 -Air forces sergeant.

2- Mahsa Yadollahi Razavi-24 -Arrested on Hafez Bridge

3- Rojan Nourian-31 -Arrested in Vali Asr Square

4- Ashkan Saeedi-24 -Arrested in Vali Asr Square

5- Majid Pourabed-29-Arrested on Dec. 26 in Imam Hossein Square

6- Seyyed Ali Reza Hosseini -25-Arrested in Revolution Square while being dragged on the pavement by two plainclothes agents

7- Amir Amirentezami-30-Arrested in Hafez Square

8- Hamed Asqarpour-22-Arrested in Imam Hossein Square

9- Mohsen Hakimi-30-Location of arrest unknown

10- Aryan Nezam abadi-23-Arrested in Tohid

11- Ahmad Reza Ghasempour-28-Arrested in VAli Asr Square

12- Aref Naser-21-Arrested in Keshavarz Blvd.

13- Ali Zolnoor-36-Arrested in Azadi

14- Farshid Karimi-27-Arrested in Azerbaidjan

15- Mehdi Vaezi-24- Location of arrest unknown

16- Mostafa Arab-32- Arrested in VAli Asr Square

17- Kamal Heydardoost-Arrested in Ferdowsi Square

According to Islamic law, shedding blood is forbidden and sinful in the month of Moharram (first month in the Islamic Lunar calendar).  This is only the second time in history that this month is being desecrated and crimes are committed. The first time it was in 7 A.D. when Caliph Yazid killed Imam Hossein. But this past Sunday, Ali Khamenei [Iran’s Supreme Leader] committed crime and bloodshed. The forces under the command of Khamenei killed Iranians by opening fire on them, running them over by cars, throwing them off the bridge, and attacking them with knives and daggers. They did not stop by just committing these crimes and desecrating Moharram: Many individuals who are responsible for murder and gross human rights violations and are currently occupying high ranking posts in Iran have appeared on TV issuing death sentences for the arrested youth before any trial is held.

All the evidences are pointing to the direction that Khamenei and the Judiciary under his control have the malicious intention of committing another heinous crime against freedom fighter youth of Iran. They intend to execute the arrested young men and women to create an atmosphere of fear and terror, and to find a way out of the current political deadlock.

To prevent the imminent crimes, our compatriots outside Iran can play a key role for securing the release of the young detainees by contacting UN Secretary General, High Commissioner for Human Rights, as well as other International and Human Rights organizations to launch protests and actions to stop the executions.

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran, considering all the positions taken by the Judiciary, the recent propaganda in pro-regime media is a sign of preparation by the regime to purge recent young arrested protesters and other political prisoners.  As a result, we warn against mass execution of activists and ask the UN’s Secretary General and Human Rights High Commissioner to take urgent action to stop the execution of political prisoners in Iran.

- Siavosh

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