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Ten students and a university professor wounded in clashes in Mashhad

Posted by Zand-Bon on Jan 2nd, 2010 and filed under Human Rights, Photos, Sections. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

January 1, 2010


Over 500 Basij paramilitary forces and knife wielding collaborators of mullahs’ regime viciously attacked Mashhad University on Wednesday evening, December30, injuring at least 10 students and a university professor. They were stabbed by knives and machetes and beaten with truncheons and some of them are in critical state.

The incident took place as students held a ceremony in remembrance of those killed during the Ashura uprising and to condemn bloody crackdown by the regime. This was a protest in silence.

The students were brutally assaulted by the Basij and subsequently thugs hired by the mullahs joined them. The culprits were brought in on multiple buses and entered the university without being hindered while chanting slogans in support of Khamenei. They used machetes and truncheons to beat and injure the students.

Suppressive forces blocked all streets leading to the university during the raid and used tear and pepper gas to prevent people from aiding the students. The intelligence agents arrested a number of students.


NOTE: There will be more translations coming within the next hours on the damage in Mashhad.

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