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EXCLUSIVE: Iran’s State TV Scandal Revealed

Posted by Zand-Bon on Jan 2nd, 2010 and filed under News, PLANET IRAN NEWS FOCUS, Photos. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

January 1, 2010


Iran’s State TV Scandal:

The lamentable actions and attitude of Iran’s state TV and radio have always been the target of criticism by those who are genuinely concerned about Iran. However, the directors and decision-makers of this medium, which ironically considers themselves a “nationalist” media source, have always chosen partisan interests over those of the nation.

National TV, which is run under the direct supervision of Ayatollah Khamenei, has resorted to deception, lies, and biased coverage to misrepresent the aims and demands of the Green Movement. In the aftermath of the election, it has constantly portrayed the assailants as victims and vice versa.

One of Jaras’s reporters has obtained an important document containing the minutes of the TV directors’ meeting a day after ‘Bloody Ashura’ (Sunday, December 27th) when 37 people were killed [by government forces].

One of the important points in this statement is seen in article 7 of this document which is a testament to the inhumane and unpatriotic behaviour of this medium. It states that the death of martyrs of Ashura should be treated as “suspicious.” The police have only officially confirmed the death of eight citizens for Sunday.

Article 8 of this document emphasizes that by taking advantage of propaganda, the participation of hundreds of thousands of people on Ashura should be censored.

This scandalous piece of evidence shows more than anything the fear and worry of national TV about the uprising of people this past Sunday and their impotence in the face of people’s power.

Minutes of the Political Section Council
December 28, 2009
Present: Messrs. Akhundi, Sebghati, Ebrahim Zadegan, Amiri, Salehi, Ravar, Nasorllahi, Chirian, Kouchak, Bovali, Javanfekr, Elm-ol-Hoda, Seyyed Mehdi, Haji Parvaneh, Tapeh Rashi, Maleki, Gholami, Soleimani zadeh, Zaboli Zadeh, Daneshvar.

Summary of debates and decisions:

After reviewing the latest news, the following points were approved:

On the issue of desecration of Ashura by a group of seditious people, and while thanking the TV’s news agency reports on the evening of Sunday, the following points should be observed and followed:

1-Active confrontation with the seditious movement is a continuous battle, and one must not look upon their plans as short term and ephemeral, but it must be noted that it is a soft revolutionary movement supported by foreign intelligence services. The focus of our propaganda should revolve around desecration of religious symbols on Ashura, and if there are any picture of burning the flag [of Imam Hossein] or clapping and whistling, they must be highlighted [in the news reports].

2-In continuing with the policies of normalization, pacification, and clarification of national media to confront the sedition, the propaganda should focus on seditious people’s hostility toward the Islamic regime and Islam.

3-All the TV’s news agencies should conduct interviews with people while emphasizing condemning desecration of Ashura; moreover, interviews should be recorded with political, religious, high-ranking clerics, and even reformist figures, and broadcasted.

4-If in interviews with people, demand sweeping and forceful treatment of the rioters, such statements have the potential to be accentuated and aired.

5-Recording interviews with war generals to condemn yesterday’s [Sunday’s] events in order to indirectly show the strength of the regime through presenting experienced and skilled generals.

6- Pictures and films aired on foreign media should be reviewed, and if instances of fake images are found, pertaining reports should be prepared.

7-The issue of the suspicious nature of the killings on Ashura should be followed and emphasized by all news outlets, and the propaganda should continue until the issue is clarified.

8-The limited nature of the demonstrations should be indirectly pointed out (the riots were limited to Tehran and only along Enghelab Street) by officials or reporters.

9-Accentuating the role of [People’s Mojahedin, armed opposition group located in Iraq] in the events of Ashura using credible evidence and responsible officials.

10-The policy of maximizing documentation of the riot and rioters should continue to be pursued by news agencies

11-Interviews should be conducted with those injured on Ashura.

12-International news office should prepare visual and audio reports pertaining to the role of foreign media in instigating the sedition on Ashura to be aired on main news hours.

- Siavosh

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