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Iranian residents of Paris who spy for the Islamic regime identified

Posted by Zand-Bon on Jan 2nd, 2010 and filed under News, PLANET IRAN NEWS FOCUS, Photos, Regime Lobbies & Promoters Outside Iran. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

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Top left corner box: Youssef Ghassemi,

Below the box from left to right as circled: Sajjaad Mashayekhi, Mehdi Montazami, Farzad Mihani, Hojjat Vahidi

These individuals have been identified by a group of Green students affiliated with the , a Paris-based group, reside in France and have recently traveled to Iran to participate in a gathering with Khamenei.

15 Responses for “Iranian residents of Paris who spy for the Islamic regime identified”

  1. Ghassemi says:

    February 24, 2010 at 9:02 pm


    I ask you formally to withdraw immediately my photo and my name from your website (https://planet-iran.com/index.php/news/6231). This publication is a clear violation of my rights to respect of my image and my privacy.

    Considering the consequences entailed by this publication, I reserve the right to take legal action against your site, and officials concerned.

    Thank you for your understanding!
    Youssef Ghassemi

  2. Kevin says:

    Law suit? First lets the first law suit be resolved. The one that another regime’s agent, Trita Parsi filed against Hassan Dai. If Parsi can win, you all can silence all freedom lovers.

  3. Zand-Bon says:

    Thank you Kevin. Apparently Mr. Ghassemi does not realize that when he sits in a room with a public figure such as Khamenei and is photographed, he can have no expectation of privacy. Also he has no idea that he cannot sue us from France and suing residents of the US is now ‘libel tourism’ and protected by Rachel’s Law on libel tourism:

    Mr. Ghassemi clearly admits to his position as a supporter of Khamenei by posting this paranoid threat.

  4. Iran_Buff says:

    How dare a so-called public servant insist on privacy? You do a public job for the henchman blood sucking regime and you expect PRIVACY? That is a hypocritical double-standard if I ever heard. I hope his feeble protest brings hoards of additional media attention and support to “The Planet”, “Planet Iran”!

  5. says:

    Outrageous! Disgraceful!

    This man had no legitimate expectation of privacy
    in a public meeting with a public figure. It’s a
    news photo. That’s the way free societies
    work, which may be the thing that really
    bothers him.

    In addition, he may well be defined as a public
    figure himself.

    We’ve dealt with people like this before – people
    who front for thug regimes. We won’t be intimidated
    by threats of fraudulent lawsuits.

  6. Ghino di Tacco says:

    This sub-human type of lackey just deserves to be exposed for what he is: a sycophant for the fascist theocrats who plunged Iran back to the stone age.
    Planet-Iran staff, don’t dare to give any satisfaction to this mullah-snitch, whose purpose is just to spy and report on the Iranian patriots living abroad. Please have his photograph and his name covered with the shame he deserves. Maybe put his photograph possibly in an even more prominent spot on planet-iran, so that everybody navigating the site will cover his face with virtual spits, that is, until that day when the spits will be real and he will be kicked between 2 aisles of crowd cheering while he climbs the stairs to his gallows.

  7. Azar says:

    Sorry how is it a violation of your right? You have gone to see your beloved Supreme Leader and had your photo taken, and you have been identified. Where is the RIGHT violation???

    WHat audacity you people have of talking about rights! Youssef Ghassemi’s email is :

  8. Kevin says:

    These BACHE POROOHA have no shame. He goes and takes a picture with ALI GEDA GHATEL and now threatens this website with law suit. What are you going to say in a court of law? that there is not enough evidence of collaboration with a murderer regime? This is a smoking gun. You’re the one who must be prosecuted by western judiciaries and now you’re threatening a law suit? A shame on France for allowing these murderers to live freely. Let’s send this pic to the French embassy and request an investigation for Youssef Ghassemi’s legal situation in France.

  9. king says:

    Looks like Mr. Ghasemi was caught with his pants down.! Mr. ghasemi why do you want to sue, take a pride in being a spook for low life’s in Iran or all you in it for only the money,,,,,

  10. Fern says:

    This is just for a very good cause! Hail this report!!! The more pictures the better; it will only serve a good purpose once this bl***y regime has to go to court!

  11. Ghassemi says:

    Your interpretations of the facts and Rachel’s Law are superficial.

    The problem is not republishing a “news photo”. The problem is:

    – Modifying a news photo, adding comments and accusing people publicly, on or beside the photo,

    – Publishing people’s e-mail address on your site whereas your site indicates: mail address (will not be published).

    Read once again the comments on your site (sub-human type of lackey, murder…) to understand (I hope) your legal responsibility.

  12. Zand-Bon says:

    Well Dear Mr. Ghassemi,

    As WIlliam said this IS a free country and people can say what they want and if you wish to disprove them then you can by all means take us to court and we will happily prove that when YOU make the choice to sit in a room where a world figures like Seyed Ali Khamenei, then you have ZERO expectation of privacy. And your email address by the way is a matter of public record Sir. I suggest you bother to google yourself because I even found a phone number for you as well as a couple of other email addresses etc. No, you cannot intimidate this group with your limp threats and your online law degree. This is a HIGHLY educated and VERY brave bunch of people and we do not fold the way your kind does. If you weren’t a coward, then you’d bravely allow yourself to be out there and say: “Yes, I was there with Khamenei and yes, I support him!” or “No I don’t support him and his regime for this this and this reason, but yes I was in fact there”. The onus of explaining is on YOU, not us. You were caught with your proverbial pants down and now you’re crying about it. Well, tough luck…suck it up and if you want to be a bully, I suggest…no WE ALL SUGGEST that you get yourself a new set. And also, you might want to look at THE SOURCE of the photo which I am not so when you accuse ME of modifying it, I can show CLEARLY that I was sent the material from another source and AGAIN…they are the responsible party.
    I’ve not only READ Rachel’s law, I’ve written articles about it. So I suggest you tell you khooroosh ghandi lawyer pals who interpret this for you to stop pretending that their degrees from University of Darvazeh Doolab is worth anything.

  13. Tellinitlikeitis says:

    Mr. Ghassemi, it behooves you to admit the hypocrisy of living high on the hog in the Paris, enjoying the freedom, the unveiled women, the nice wine, the great freedom of press, and flying back at intervals to eat from the trough and kiss some supreme ***?

  14. says:

    Hi Im attempting to sign up for your rss , but its not working . What is happening ?

  15. says:

    Good luck everybody! – I will come back again. Are you on facebook or twitter? Will like to follow you.

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