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Videos of protests throughout Iran, December 27h

Posted by Zand-Bon on Dec 29th, 2009 and filed under News, PLANET IRAN NEWS FOCUS, Video, video gallery. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. Responses are currently closed, but you can trackback from your own site.

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Below: Mousavi’s nephew (his sisters son) assassinated by plain clothes agents on the street

Below: Iranian journalist and activist Masih Alinejad speaks out on CNN

Below: Courtesy of who writes:

“Riot Guards Beg for Forgiveness

Three below videos shows protesters fighting the security foces and cornering them. People ask them ‘why do you do this to your people?’ and the riot guards ask for forgiveness, ‘Bebakhshid’ they can be heard to say.

‘You are Yazid’s – the Khalif against whom the Ashura uprising took place -forces’, the woman shouts at them. One of the protesters then reassures them that they will not be beaten up, all they have to do is say Khameneii is a bastard. The woman can then be heard saying ‘All you can do is kill your people is it?’ and again they plead saying ‘Please We are not killers’.

The sooner they join the people, the sooner they will redeem themselves with the people of Iran.”

Below: Same scene, yet another angle. The protesters have captured the guards and some of the protesters are begging others not to harm the guards; they shout out to their fellow protesters: “For Neda’s sake, do not harm them and let them go!”

Below: Two videos of protestor shot and lay dying

Below: Tehran protester climbs on top of a gate trying to tear down Khamenei poster as people look on

Below: Tehran protesters carry the body of the first shooting victim to safety

Below: First video of the Ashura day protest in Tehran

Below: Tehran protesters build barricades in the street to block the security guards motorcyles

Below: Tehran protesters flip over security guard vehicle

Below: Tehran protesters trample street sign of Khamenei Avenue while chanting: “Death to the Dictator”

Below: Two videos Tehran Vali Asr Square, protesters set fire to the security guard station,  then come to the aid of a fellow protester who is fatally injured

Below: Different angle from above scenes; Tehran protesters set fire to the security guard station, Vali Asr Square.Tehran protesters carry off and assist fellow protesters who have been injured and then set fire to the security guard station, Vali Asr Square.

Below: Different angle, Tehran protesters set fire to the security guard station, Vali Asr Square.

Below: Tehran protesters commandeering a security guard patrol van

Below: Tehran protesters set fire to the above security guard patrol van

Below: Tehran : two security guards disarm themselves, take off their helmets and join the people

Below: Tehran : security guards disarm himself as people surround him but he joins the people, take off his helmet and is cheered by the crowd

Below: Tehran protesters confront security guards and stand up to them, driving them back

Below: Basiji militia offices set on fire

Below: Elderly woman injured by security guards, sits on the street bleeding from the head

Below: Two below videos of Tehran protesters marching in front of the National Iranian Oil company, chanting: “What has happened to our oil money” and “Our oil money has been spent on Basiji militia”. People tear Khamenei poster.

Below: Tehran protesters bring two injured security guards to safety to help them and corner another group of the guards but do not harm them

Below: Tehran Protesters chant: “Independence, Freedom, an Iranian Republic” and “Death to this duplicitous government”

Below: Tehran protesters capture a security agent on a motorcycle

Below: Tehran protesters confront regime guards and stand up to them, defending themselves.

Below: Tehran protesters take over the loud speaker of a fire engine and chant anti-regime slogans

Below: Hashemi-Rafsanjani’s daughter, Faezeh participates in protests with the people

Below: Protesters capture a member of the Basij but they let him go unharmed as they ‘boo’ him, he is allowed to escape onto the back of a motorcycle that whisks him away.

Below: In Tehran, Regime agents shoot at protesters

Below: Protesters in the city of Najafabad, hometown of Grand Ayatollah Montazeri attend the massive Ashura demonstrations that have gone on since last Sunday, the day of Montazeris passing.

Below: Iranian protesters in Berlin attacked and beaten by Iranian embassy and mosque agents. Protestors chant: “Death to the Islamic Republic” and “This year is the year is the year of blood, the Islamic Republic is doomed” and “Rape, crime, death to this Velayat”, “Is rape mentioned in the Qoran” (reported by Free Iranian TV in Germany)

Below: Tehran, protester is killed during the protests

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