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News round-up & update for October 16th & 17th »

Posted by Zand-Bon on Oct 16th, 2010 and filed under News, PLANET IRAN NEWS FOCUS, Photos. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

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Iranian regime’s proxy thugs: “Both Gaza and Lebanon, forget about the people of Iran”

* * Unnamed Mathematics university professor fired from his position for insulting ‘all that is sacred’. Basiji students at the University in the south western city of Ahvaz issued a proclamation against said professor claiming that he had insulted “various aspects of the leadership’s paradigm” and Dr. Chamran himself. Other accusations against this professor are that he has said that “he can prove that there are contradictions in the Qor’an and that some of the Islamic allegories originate in Judaism”. Beyond these points reportedly he has criticized the Iranian regime’s violence and brutality as well.

The proclamation issued by the firebrand Basij students has also called for the termination of all other university professors who are known to have made similar comments and whose beliefs are not in keeping with that of the Iranian regime.

* * Last week it was the Jews that were conspiring against the regime’s welfare, this week it’s the Baha’is, next week it will be someone else…but never they themsevles. In an editorial, the Revolutionary Guard website, Javaan Online complains: “The gold merchant strike around the country is being organized and perpetrated by the Baha’i community. A number of the gold merchants belonging to the blasphemous Baha’i cult have supported the devious opposition movement following last years election. Various investigations of the gold merchants’ strike have lead to three individuals, all of whom are residents of the United States and who are known to have threatened Tehrans gold merchants; the gold merchants were intimidated into continuing their support for the strike, otherwise no gold would be sold to them for their business purposes.”

Ali-Reza Afshar

* * Iranian regime officials have announced that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) cannot have any involvement in political activities. Ali-Reza Afshar, deputy to the social division of the Ministry of Interior said: “NGOs should not engage in any political activity. They can by all means criticize government bodies in private meetings but it is not acceptable that they engage in discrediting the government in the media and that they should be warned against falling in enemy traps. The ministry of interior intends to establish a more vigilant monitoring of the government and the NGOs.”

Following the June 2009 fraudulent elections, the Iranian judiciary has claimed that the NGOs have played a direct role in fomenting turmoil. The statement by the prosecutor’s office described the role of NGOs saying: “Our regime’s enemies create and support NGOs both financially and intrinsically to create different social layers and to take advantage of their potentialities in appropriate times.”

Heydar Moslehi

In September, Heydar Moslehi, Minister of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) claimed: “The leaders of sedition have received financial assistance from foreign countries, that had been made through NGOs and organizations that collaborated with these individuals. These kinds of funds did not happen only during the elections but had been made over time and they wanted to glean the results during the elections.”

Iranian regime authorities have labeled Karoubi and Mousavi, the leaders of the opposition movement to the fraudulent election, as sedition leaders.

* * A group of dissident Iranian clerics, the Clerics and Seminarians of Qom and Najaf (Motghan), issued at the threshold of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei’s trip to Qom and warned the community of clerics that meeting with the leader is tantamount to lauding the Iranian regime authorities crimes and contradicting Islamic principles. Motghan website reports that since the news of Khamenei’s trip was announced, Qom has been under strict security. The hope is that their letter affects Khamenei and lead him to repent from his sins against the people. The clerics and seminarians of Qom and Najaf anticipating possible accusation from the Iranian regime, stress that they are not “foreign elements” and are “deeply concerned about Iran’s national security and independence.”

The letter repeats the allegations of vote fraud in the 2009 presidential elections and maintains that based on new evidence surfacing everyday regarding the elections, the Supreme Leader is “directly responsible for this crime and great betrayal.”  They also condemn the treatment of political detainees in the aftermath of the election protests.  The dissident clerics accuse the Iranian regime of discrediting the clergy amongst the people and urge the establishment and Khamenei to reconsider their methods.

* * Iranian regime to launch a ‘prisons’ TV cable channel. Given the ever increasing number of prisoners in Iran, the Bureau of Prisons has come up with a TV channel with special programming for prisoners. This channel will broadcast speeches from all of the Iranian officials and leadership as well as educational programming that will all be based in Qor’anic Hadiths. Regarding this concept, the director of the Dar’ol Qor’an (Qor’anic institutions) in prisons said: “We are dedicated to the promotion and advancement of Qor’anic culture and teaching; this is one of our main goals in the bureau.” At present several prisons are broadcasting test runs.

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