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74 lashes for women who are “un-Islamically” dressed

Posted by Zand-Bon on Jul 18th, 2010 and filed under Photos, Sections, Women & Minors. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

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July 18, 2010

, Iran’s public prosecutor announced: “Proper veiling and Islamic dress code that upholds women’s chastity and modesty is a public issue. Indubitably this is an absolute legal and Sharia matter that is a religious imperative. Being un-Islamically dressed is a crime.”

Citing legal cases related to crimes against public morals and ethics in the Islamic punishments that are handed down, he specified: “Article 638 of this law clarifies that if any woman acts indecently and against this religious regulation in public places, other than the punishment of 10 days to two months detention, they will also receive 74 lashes. Also according to the punitive laws that we set in place in the year 1365 (1986) any shop keeper, importer or distributor of clothes injurious to morality, will first receive a warning by the Ministry of Islamic Guidance; if it happens a second time they will be severely reprimanded, a third time they will be threatened and finally, the forth time, their shops and business will be fined, their shops and businesses shut down for a period of anywhere between 3 to 6 months and they will receive 10 to 20 lashes.”

26 Responses for “74 lashes for women who are “un-Islamically” dressed”

  1. says:

    [...] 74 Lashes For Women Who Are "Un-Islamically" Dressed 74 lashes for women who are “un-Islamically” dressed | Planet-Iran.com [...]

  2. says:

    Barbarians. All of them.

  3. Paul says:


  4. Bill says:

    This is another reason why America should have no entangling alliances with foreign nations and should remain a Christian Judeo state and not Islamic. If something like this occurs in our country…throw away the key. Since this occurs in Islamic countries and is considered “okay”, then we need to leave and stop being naive that we have all the answers to fix their problems when we have many other issues to deal with over here. Ha! But that will never happen, because America is heading down the wrong path to bankruptcy being the global policeman protecting everyones borders but our own. Wake up America!

  5. american woman! says:

    Crazy sick bastards!

  6. Larry Bish says:

    Islam is a gutter religion and a follower of Satin. The religion is morally unfit to live in todays society. Women are treated as slaves. Men should be eliminated that participate in such acts. I am proud to be anti-moslem and a Christian that treats all women as equals to men.

  7. Zand-Bon says:

    I think you mean SATAN…satin is a fabric!

  8. LWG says:

    When we, America, stand “UP” for our own values and morals!
    That’s when we can stand up for human rights. As it stands now we don’t have the cahunas to take of our own!!! I’m ready willing and able to take back our country and deal with those who mistreat others no matter where they may be!!

  9. David Waldman says:

    Get used to it, folks…Sharia is the new world order. And marxism is the new economic norm. HOORAY.

  10. says:

    Sure. Let them build a Mosque at the World Trade Center site. We can show the world how Tolerant we are of their intolerance. Islam is a religion of Hate, Tyranny, and Oppression. And don’t forget that they also advocate: Genital mutilation of young girls, death to all homosexuals and to all nonbelievers. So why is it again that the Liberal, Progressive, Leftists love them so much?

  11. CG says:

    Remember Muslims are our friends. They are in America to teach us tolerance by building a mosque on the site they destroyed in the name of tolerance and love. We are not at war. We are all allies. Hail Obama! Bow to the Muslim leaders!

  12. JIm in PA says:

    Well, I guess she is “Islamically dressed” now…
    Would make a good bill board, this picture and the text “Dress Like a Islamic Woman”

  13. Vickie Rada says:

    Well, I guess she is “Islamically dressed” now…
    Would make a good bill board, this picture and the text “Dress Like a Islamic Woman” In Reply to Jlm in PA’s comment:
    Good Idea, and the big bill board in New York, you all know the one, put her pic up there! Get people’s attention on this horrific religion. These crimes are legal in Muslim religion?, so how do we justify freedom of Muslim religion in the U. S. for practices that are illegal here?

  14. Zand-Bon says:

    I need to clarify here folks…this is rhetoric that the regime in Tehran uses. It’s true that wearing a hijab in many Muslim countries or enclaves around the world is mandated but we must keep the focus on what the regime in Tehran does about this and what they call ‘un-Islamic’. I suggest that we do no paint this with as broad a brush stroke as I see many here have. I respectfully however want to keep your attention squarely on the mandates of the Iranian regime and how THEY treat women in Iran. I cannot speak for other countries but this is the way it is in Iran.

  15. Meir Stone says:

    Whre are the people who stood with Mandela ? How can so many people turn their back on women who are being treated worse than animals ? If animals were being treated the way women are being treated in Iran the world would be outraged

  16. Jane Doe says:

    This is horrific! for the regime in Tehran to abuse women sickens my stomach. The bottom line, if this is Iran’s religion, and if people of Iran come to America and want to practice this religion, than all that try to get immigrate here, should be denied entry. To me, this is a act of terrorism, and those that do this should be put to death. I tell you what, if I was an Muslim women, and bore a son, knowing that one day, he might whip, beat, burn or kill me…I would deny his first breath. I would commit genocide by putting to death the males of that culture at birth. I would only let the females live.

  17. nightingalern says:

    This is Evil Where is the love? This is a religion of peace? Where are the fruits of the spirit? Obadiah 1:15 “The day of the LORD is near for all nations. As you have done, it will be done to you; your deeds will return upon your own head. And to think Libya heads up Human rights counsel and Iran on Women’s rights commission? The UN is a worthless JOKE.

  18. says:

    [...] 74 Lashes for women “unIslamically” dressed (08.20.10) [...]

  19. says:

    [...] [...]

  20. shiva says:

    im a girl from iran and unfortunately im muslim,what you see here is just something small ,worse than that happens here that many dont even know about it,things that you cant even imagine,everything became even worse after ahmadinejad became our president again (choosen by cheaters not by people votes) these are all because of our fucking politicions and that monkey who is our president .the reason of doing all this executions and tortures,internet filtering,spams in internet and everywhere …. are just bcz they want to keep this sick regime and they know if they can make fear among people ,it will stop people from standing out and making the world hearing their voice,pls pls pls ,i want people in all the world know that people in iran have nothing to do with their stupic politicians ,we also want peace ,we also want to live happily and for sure a life with no wars and nuclear bombs

  21. Bella says:

    I believe you Shiva. I hate to think what else goes on under your sick masters. We are not against the ordinary people in Iran but this revolting regime at war with its own people and the rest of the world. We know these bastards got in again by cheating and intimidation. Can you believe we have people in Britain that want to have this kind of regime in Britain? This is why the West is getting very jumpy about some of the muslim extremists spreading hate but we don’t hate ordinary people who want to live with us in peace.

  22. Zand-Bon says:


    The people of Iran are NOT the same as the regime. I must refocus your attention to the ongoing protests in Iran where people take their lives in their hands knowing full well that if they are caught the price they will have to pay will be a near death experience – if not, death. We Iranians are not only not supportive of this regime, we are DYING to get out from under the bloody boots of the hijackers of our country. As far as Islam is concerned, the existence of this regime has sullied FOREVER the face of Islam and for that matter I urge you to read up on the number of Iranians converting to Christianity, Buddhism, Baha’ism or are even becoming atheists. These madmen have nailed the last nail in the coffin of Islamo-Imperialism and once they’re gone and they WILL indeed be gone, you can bet that they will have changed the face of that religion for good.

  23. Bella says:


    I am not surprised that people in Iran are turning their backs on Islam and converting to other religions facing the horror of the present regime. I am fully aware of the protests going on and people are in great danger. I hope one day Iran can be taking out of the dark ages of terror and ordinary people get a regime they deserve so they can have normal lives and live in peace.

  24. Darlene says:

    This has nothing to do with the REAL RELIGION FROM MOHAAMMAD. It is a pretend religion used to control the people of the country. Mohaammad, who is the prophet and writer of the Quran, which is what the pretend Muslims fool us into thinking it’s what they believe, was actually very respectful towards women, giving them freedom to education, letting them choose to marry, allowing them to dress how they wish. The pretend Muslims have corrupted the religion and rewrote the rules due to the fear of loosing control of money, power and politics. Many women were once burned at the stake and have been accused of crazy things, like ‘being a witch,’ in the name of Christianity. We all forget that though didn’t we? The Jewish and the Christian people murdered one another ruthlessly for hundreds, thousands of years. People are so ignorant about the origin of religion, just like lambs, they will follow whatever society says. It’s embarrassing how simple most American people are in the what they know about even they’re own history. As a Native American women, I have looked at it from a very real perspective. It’s wrong to treat women this way and it is also wrong to choose to be ignorant. This is the real crime. believe me, justice will prevail. The pretend Muslims will flee, they will run like cowards when it’s time, which will be sooner than we can ever imagine.

  25. says:

    [...] 74 Lashes for women “unIslamically” dressed (08.20.10) [...]

  26. megan burton says:

    i am sorry but if we treat a animal in this way we would be done for animal abuse , if we treat a child like this we would be done for child cruelty, if a man did this to a woman it would be battery sooooooooo what gives any rights on people religion they got the right to do this
    i think this rules should be abolished because you cant tell me that that poor woman didnt suffer or still isnt suffering it is not right !!!!!!!! ABUSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it is time to stand up and say we willnot accept this behaviour !!!!! no wonder we have so many murders when people can do what they want because it is there religious beliefs
    they say they treat their mums like a queen maybe all people should be treat equally

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