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Prison Authorities to Behrooz Javid Tehrani: Stay in the “doghouse” or be transferred to cell occupied by murderers

Posted by Zand-Bon on Mar 31st, 2010 and filed under Human Rights, Photos, Sections. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

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March 30, 2010

Behrooz Javid Tehrani given two options: remain in solitary confinement in the “doghouse” or get transferred to a cell occupied by murderers.

According to reports received by , on Monday March 29, 2010, political prisoner was told he must choose from two detention options. The first choice allows him to leave solitary confinement, but instead, he will be placed in hall 3, ward 1 of Gohardasht prison (in Karaj, Iran). [Option one means that Behrooz Javid Tehrani] will share a cell with gang members who are in cooperation with prison authorities to repress prisoners,  spy on them, and distribute illegal drugs in the prison. The gang members also have a reputation of murdering other prisoners. The second option is to remain in solitary confinement in ward 1, commonly known as the “doghouse” for its brutal and inhuman torture methods.  In response, Behrooz Javid Tehrani stated, “I must be by the side of the other political prisoners. Your two options are inhuman, illegal, and unacceptable.”

Behrooz Javid Tehrani was only supposed to serve 20 days in the “doghouse,” but head of prison security Kermani and head of ward 1 Hassan Akharian have extended the time, even though it was supposed to finish last Sunday.

Kermani, Faraji (the prison’s security deputy), and Hassan Akharian have placed Behrooz Javid Tehrani under physical and psychological pressures. They have also denied reports of medieval conditions in Gohardasht prison. Furthermore, Hassan Akharian has told Tehrani to deny events that occurred on February 10, 2010 when prisoners in ward 1 rebelled against Akharian and stripped him [of his clothes].  Akharian threatened Behrooz Javid Tehrani that he will remain [indefinitely] in solitary confinement unless he denies the reports.  Tehrani replied, “The principles of a political prisoner do not include lies. We are imprisoned because we have [spoken out on] the truth, and therefore, we cannot deny reality. Otherwise, what would be the difference between us and you?”

The character and spirit of Behrooz Javid Tehrani, the respect he has for other prisoners, and the special attention he gives to the struggles of prisoners are some of the reasons why he has gained much support by other prisoners.

The head interrogator from the Ministry of Intelligence Saeed Sheikhan is believed to be responsible for framing Behrooz Javid Tehrani so he can be murdered [by other prisoners].  Those who are responsible [for the decision to give Tehrani two options] and who have animosity toward political prisoners are: prison chief Ali Haj Kazem, prison deputy Ali Mohammadi,  Kermani, Faraji, and Hassan Akharian.  Hassan Akharian physically beat Behrooz Javid Tehrani last year and sent him to a solitary cell in ward 1. Tehrani endured seven months of physical and psychological torture. A year later, Tehrani remains in solitary confinement.

Hassan Akharian is among the organizers of the bloody attacks against political prisoners in ward 2 and he is also among those responsible for killing Amir Hossein Heshmat Saran. Hassan Akharian was the chief of ward 2 when Saran was killed. Akharian was transferred to Qezel Hesar prison  for extorting ward 6 prisoners, but his [repeated] brutal behaviour had him transferred back to Gohardahst prison’s ward 1.

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran warn of serious threats against Behrooz Javid Tehrani. All evidence points to the intent of the Ministry of Intelligence interrogators and Hassan Akharian to physically eliminate Behrooz Javid Tehrani. HRDAI asks the United Nation’s High Commissioner of Human Rights and all other international bodies and organizations to take urgent action to save Behrooz Javid Tehrani’s life.

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran
March 30, 2010

Translation by Persian2English.com

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