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Live Blogging the Next Green Wave — Chaharshanbeh Souri (Festival of Fire)

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Also see Planet Iran’s preamble to Chaharshanbeh Souri and the Supreme Leader’s Fatwa.

Thanks to Google that has been provided to Iranians for free at normal speeds to everyone throughout Iran.

On Chahar-Shanbeh Souri batons burn better than bushes and bramble

Planet Iran Editor’s note: Chahar-Shanbeh Souri (direct translation is Wednesday Festival) the feast of fire. This celebration heralds the approaching of Norooz, the Iranian new year, a pre-Islamic celebration of Spring and the vernal equinox on March 21st. Chahar-Shanbeh Souri is celebrated on the last Wednesday eve (Tuesday night) before Norooz. People build small bonfires and jump over the flames to purify and purge their spirits of all the negativity and pain of the passing year so that they can begin the new year with a fresh outlook and jovial disposition. During this celebration, it is also customary to light sparklers and throw fireworks. It is also customary for people to do a form of ‘trick or treating’ where people from neighborhoods go around from house to house collecting food for the poor.

Since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, the Iranian regime has done everything in it’s power to suppress Iranians from celebrating Persian festivals and celebrations, calling them pagan in an attempt to eradicate pre-Islamic Persian heritage. This specific celebration has always been an annual bone of contention and a sort of reckoning between the Iranian people who hold on steadfast and true to their Persian heritage and the Coup d’Etat regime whose official ‘cultural’ identity is an arcane hodgepodge of Messianic Islam and various other ideologies and movements thrown in for good measure.

As the wave of protests in Iran continues look for the next wave, on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 16th and 17th. Iranians throughout Iran have begun to prepare for this celebration and calls for protests has begun to ring out all across Iran. On Chahar-Shanbeh Souri Iranians have vowed to turn out en mass all around Iran in order to show their love of their culture, customs, identity and homeland and their contempt for the Islamic regime and to continue to call for regime change.

* * Reports indicate that during recent weeks the regime in Tehran has worked closely with the various agents, members of their special security forces in psychologically preparing them for today’s events. It is said that as a precautionary measure there have also been intimidation tactics used for these psychological preparations for fear of members of the guards joining the protesters. Recent news has begun to leak about the various Iranian Navy officers who in protest to the regime’s treatment of the people, have been stripped of their ranks and some have secretly been handed prison sentences.

* * The sound of firecrackers fill the air in Tehran; in every area from the north to the south of Tehran. The sound of explosions everywhere. Though all the stores had been prohibited from selling flares and firecrackers, protesters have come prepared with their own homemade versions.

* * On Geesha Bridge in Tehran huge groups of protesters have confronted the regime’s security forces however the protesters have overpowered the guards and the guards have lost control of the situation. Trash bins and dumpsters have been set on fire and on that area’s Roudaki Avenue pedestrians as well as drivers of civilian vehicles clash with the regime’s guards.

* * On Tehran’s Bahar Avenue, as night falls in Tehran, people have begun yelling out “Allah o Akbar”.

* * Enghelab Square has been militarized. At approximately 3:30 PM Tehran time, on Enghelab Square in downtown area, pedestrians noticed security forces stationed in the southwest and northwest sides of the square. The majority of the forces, approximately 100 of them, are on motorbikes. The forces present are currently the Revolutionary Guards or the basiji militia forces; no police present.

* * Fars News Agency, a media arm of the Revolutionary Guards announces: The commander of Greater Tehran’s police force stated motorcycles will be banned in Tehran, especially from Enqelab Avenue going north after 2:00pm.

It seems that the police wants to use all its force and possible methods to minimize the amount of damage for Tehran citizens.

Commander Hossein Sajednia told Fars: “Banning motorcycles is for their own safety [the police's] to prevent clashes.” He added, “The police will stop motorcycles seen on the road and transfer them to parking spots, and their owners can get them back tomorrow.”

Commander Sajednia said: “The police will deal harshly with any kind of disruption with discipline.”

* * Young Iranians in the Vali Asr area of Tehran throw firecrackers at the security guards feet.

* * In Ahvaz also, as in Tehran Iranians have gathered in all the areas of the city and though the security forces are present, as of late afternoon nothing they have not reacted to the revelers and protesters.

* * In the Tehran-Noe area of Tehran Iranians have attacked a regime advertising center belonging to the Revolutionary Guards with green paintballs and have broken the window and thrown hands full of firecrackers inside.

* * In the Salsabil area of Tehran, the security and disciplinary forces have attacked the protesters and are viciously beating and arresting them. More than a thousand guards are present and yet people seem to ignore the security forces.

* * In the Naarmak area of Tehran, at approximately 5 pm protesters and revelers have gathered and again, like all the other areas in Tehran, people continue to celebrate and stand up to the regime forces.

The revolution is alive. Chahar-Shanbeh 1388

* * Kaaj Square in the Sa’aadat-Abad area of Tehran, the regime has driven a tank into the middle of the square but protesters continue to throw firecrackers. People are chanting: “Tanks, cannons, basiji…have no effect on us anymore.”

* * Protesters all over Iran have booed Khamenei and told him that his limp Fatwa is good for his servants.

* * People are chanting a new message to Obama saying: “Hossein, Hossein, stop trying to talk to our murderers!”

* * In the Majidieh area of Tehran a police car was set on fire. Clashes are intense and protesters are vehemently confronting the regime’s forces who are attacking the people.

* * In the Geesha neighborhood of Tehran, a Basiji has been pulled off his motorcycle and though he himself was unharmed, his motorcycle was set on fire.

* * One of the slogans being chanted is: “Bush and Bramble burn burn, has burned”

* * In Esfahan people have attacked the Basiji militia kiosks and set them on fire.

* * Al Arabiya Arabic language reports that protesters have clashed with the regime’s forces in Tehran’s Enghelab Square and protesters all around Tehran have set Khamenei’s pictures on fire.

(Left to right) Bagher Khan and Sattar Khan

* * In Tabriz, the seat of the 1906 uprising, people clashed with the regime forces in the Abarsani area of that city and in the local Azari language people have chanted: “Blessing to and , the great leaders of our constitutional revolution”.  Along with the celebrations of jumping over the bonfire, people are also carrying green flashlights and chant: “Death to the Assassin Dictator” and “Mir-Hossein-yaa Hossein”. Also in Tabriz’s Abu Rayhan and Vali Asr areas confrontations between the people and regime agents who are on motorcycle or armed. Also among the slogans is: “If by Norooz political prisoners are not released, we the people will we set everything on fire.”

Also in Tabriz, it is said that Ahmadinejad and Khamenei’s photographs are thrown on the bonfire, as people jump over the pyre.

* * Various areas of Tehran’s Kalaan-Shahr district, 20 trash bins were set on fire and firecrackers exploded inside large tips and dumpsters.

* * Tehran’s Majidyieh area has turned into a war zone; the regime’s hot water tanks (bought from China) has begun pressure spraying the protesters. Young Iranians however are armed with rocks, bricks and other cold weapons to defend themselves.

* * In Mash’had’s smaller streets and alley ways protesters have begun face to face clashes with the regime by throwing fire crackers and other small explosives at security guards, immediately escaping them beyond the smoke. The basij and security forces are said to be unable to contain the situation and are being outnumbered by the protesters. Imam Avenue is said to be filled to the brim with people who are bravely standing up to the special forces.

* * Below: first video from Tehran-Pars activities

* * Twelve people were arrested in the Tehran-Pars area of Tehran. The regime’s forces are also kicking doors of private residences and dragging people out of their houses, viciously beating and arresting.

* * Tehran’s Nezaam-Abad, Sabalaan and Majidiyeh neighborhood filled with smoke and the sound of the fire department sirens are heard non-stop.

Tehran's chief prosecutor Jafari-Dowlatabadi

* * Reportedly judges, prosecutors and all employees of Tehran’s judiciary have joined the Basiji militia and have aggregated with the regime’s forces in the suppression of the Iranian people. Ali-Reza Kaamkaar, Tehran’s deputy prosecutor announced that all employees of the judiciary of the highest judges to the lowest clerks have been mobilized and Tehran’s chief chief prosecutor, Jafari-Dowlatabadi and the rest of the judiciary are present at the high tribunal supervising all of tonight’s activities.

* * The Ekbatan neighborhood of Tehran has been taken over by the people and the security forces have been defeated and subdued.

* * Below: in Tehran, security forces attack revelers with motorcycles and shields.

* * Basiji center in Tehran’s Baharestan area set on fire by young Iranians who then surrounded the security forces who had cornered revelers in one area of the Baharestan Park and forced them to release those who were being detained.

* * In the city of Hamadan security forces have taken over the Ostaadaan neighborhood (the area where university professors reside). They have turned off all the electricity and have blocked all pedestrian and automobile traffic. However the sound of firecrackers, confetti charges and small bottle rockets can be heard.

* * Below: Video footage from Esfahan

* * Below: Video footage from Shiraz

* * Below: Video footage from the Naarmak neighborhood of Tehran

* * Below: Video footage from the north western city of Ardebeel

* * Below: Video of the Nezaam-Abad neighborhood of Tehran

* * Below: Video of the Ekbatan neighborhood of Tehran

* * Below: 2 videos of the Geesha neighborhood of Tehran

* * Below: Video of the Daneshjoo Park in Tehran

* * Below: Video of the Karaj suburb of Tehran

* * Below: Video of the Amir-Abad area of Tehran

* * Below: Video of the revelers in the city of Chaaloos

* * Below: Video of special forces attacking revelers in Tehran

* * Below: Video of Ferdows Boulevard in the Sadeghiyeh neighborhood of Tehran

* * Below: Video of the north western city of Ardebil

* * Below: Video of the city of Boroujerd

* * Below: Video of the north western city of Tabriz

* * Below: Video from the northern (Caspian Sea) city of Bandar’eh Anzali

* * Below: Video from the south central (Persian Gulf) city of Bandar Abbas

* * Below: Video from the central city of Shahin-Shahr

* * Below: Video of northern city of Rasht, revelers chant: “Khamenei’s a murderer, his leadership is null and void”

…Also in Rasht celebrants chant: “Shame on you dictator, let go of my country”

* * Below: Video of celebrations in Shiraz

* * Below: Video of celebrants in Mash’had taking off their head scarves

* * Below: Wonderful video of school teachers (who were sanctioned by the regime not to observe this festival disobeying regime orders) and celebrating with their young students in Iran

* * Below: Video of celebrants in the “holy”city of Qom celebrate

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